Great Plain Squares

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SHOOT THE STAR (regular, full around)

Starting formation - thar or wrong way thar. The handholds forming the center star are released as each center dancer and the adjacent outside dancer arm turn one half (180 degrees) or full (360 degrees) as directed. If half or full is not directed, the arm turn is one half.

After a SHOOT THE STAR, the caller can say "TO ANOTHER THAR". This is the same action as "TO AN ALLEMANDE THAR" above. All right pull by and left arm turn ½ the next to an ALLEMANDE THAR. The caller will almost always direct "GO FORWARD 2". The caller can direct FORWARD (everyone progressing in normal Right And Left Grand direction) or BACK or BACKWARD (everyone going the opposite direction from a normal Right And Left Grand) any number of hands. For example, "SHOOT THE STAR FULL TURN, GO BACKWARD 3, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, MEN SWING IN MAKE A WRONG-WAY THAR". Some callers use FORWARD to mean "the direction you are facing" and never use the words BACK or BACKWARD. Either usage is acceptable.

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