Great Plain Squares

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Week 15


Starting formation - completed double pass thru, or a single couple(s) on the outside of the square, facing out. The lead dancers separate and move away from each other in a three quarter (270 degrees) circle. When each lead dancer meets another lead dancer from the other side of the square, they become partners and step forward to the center of the square. Each trailing dancer follows the dancer in front of him and ends directly behind that same dancer. A single couple facing out does the lead dancer's part as described, but they may not step all the way into the center at the end of the call.


Starting formation - facing dancers. Each dancer steps forward to join right forearms with the other dancer. They turn by the right one half (180 degrees), release armholds and step forward, ending back to back with each other.


Starting formation - eight chain thru, parallel waves. All pass thru. The dancers now on the outside partner trade. Ends in double pass thru formation.


Starting formation - box circulate or quarter tag. From box circulate, dancers facing in step straight forward to join adjacent forearms, turn half (180 degrees) and step forward to end in the position vacated by the dancer who was facing out. Meanwhile, each dancer facing out runs into the position vacated by the dancer who is doing the forearm turn. When done from right hand boxes, the dancers facing in turn by the right and the dancers facing out run right. When done from left hand boxes, the dancers facing in turn by the left and the dancers facing out run left. Finishes in a box circulate formation. From quarter tag, dancers step ahead, join forearms (right if center wave was right handed or left if center wave was left handed), turn half (180 degrees) and step straight forward. Those returning to the center step to a wave (using same hands as original wave); the others finish as a couple facing out. Ending formation is a 3/4 tag.


Starting formation - ocean wave. Each end and the adjacent center dancer turn one half (180 degrees). The new center dancers turn three quarters (270 degrees) while each outside dancer moves forward in a quarter circle to meet the same center dancer with whom he started. Ends in an ocean wave which is at right angles to the original starting wave.


Starting formation - whenever there is a couple with their backs to the center of the set facing or standing behind another couple (e.g. eight chain thru, completed double pass thru). The outside dancers step apart as the center dancers step forward and between them to form a line.


Starting formation - any wave or line. Each half of the line or wave works as a unit and moves forward around a pivot point three quarters (270 degrees). If the adjoining dancers are facing the same direction, the end dancer becomes the pivot while the other dancer moves in a semi-circle around the pivot. If the adjoining dancers are facing in opposite directions, the pivot point is the handhold between them and they move equally around that pivot point.

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