Great Plain Squares

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Week 20


Starting formation - Two Couples Back-to-Back.

Each right-hand dancer does an exaggerated Zoom action, moving into the position previously occupied by the right-hand dancer behind him, to finish facing in the same direction as when he started the Zoom action. (The net result is the same as if the right-hand dancer had done a right face U Turn Back & Box Circulate twice). The left-hand dancer follows ("Chases") the right-hand dancer by doing a Box Circulate two positions. The call finishes in a Box Circulate formation.


Starting formation - Columns. All dancers Single File Circulate once and a half. The center six (three adjacent pairs) Trade (turn 180 degrees). The very center two dancers release handholds and walk diagonally outward to the end of the forming lines. The two lonesome dancers walk ahead, moving in a quarter circle, to become the other ends of the forming lines.

LINEAR CYCLE (from waves only for the Plus Program)

Starting formation - Parallel Ocean Waves or Four (4) Dancer Waves to be either right or left-handed. (For programs other than Plus, allowable formations include any formation in which the end and adjacent center can single or partner hinge. This is a three part call.)

Part 1. The ends and adjacent centers hinge.

Part 2. Those facing out fold behind those facing in and all dancers will then move forward in a Double Pass Thru action.

Part 3. If the hinge is right-handed, peel right; if the hinge is left-handed, peel left to end as facing couples. From a right-hand hinge, all will pass right shoulders. From a left-hand hinge, all will pass left shoulders. An added note just for information from beyond the Plus Program -- From any inverted lines or some three in one lines, the passing rule shall prevail. (Not applicable in the Plus Program.)


Starting formation - Completed Double Pass Thru.

The dancers work in "tandem", that is, the trailing dancers follow the lead dancers. Those in the right "track" move single file to the left, counter-clockwise, staying to the inside of the dancers on the left "track", who move single file, clockwise, to the right on the outside. The movement continues as in a Double Pass Thru, until the dancers have reached parallel right-hand ocean waves.


Starting formation - one couple following another, box circulate or Z formation.

Each lead dancer turns away from the center of the starting formation, walks in a semi-circle and steps forward to become an end dancer of the new line. Meanwhile, each trailing dancer steps forward and does a U turn back, turning away from the center of the starting formation to become the center dancer of the new line. From one couple following another, the ending formation is a line of four; from a Z, the ending formation is a two-faced line; from a box circulate, dancers may have to take one step forward to adjust to a two-faced line.


Starting formation - Double Pass Thru, Parallel Ocean Waves(1/2 Tag), any Tag (1/4 or 3/4) formation.

All dancers release handholds (if necessary), step forward and form an ocean wave with the couple they are facing. If the Extend leaves dancers facing no one, they remain facing out. If the starting formation is right-handed, dancers Extend to a right-handed formation; if the starting formation is left-handed, dancers Extend to a left-handed formation. From a Double Pass Thru formation, dancers Extend to a right-hand Quarter Tag formation. From a Quarter Tag formation, dancers Extend to parallel waves. From parallel waves, dancers Extend to a 3/4 Tag formation, from a 3/4 Tag formation, dancers Extend to a completed Double Pass Thru formation.

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