Great Plain Squares

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Week 32


Starting formation - Wrong Way Thar, Right & Left Grand Circle and Thar Star.

If started from a Thar Star, the handholds forming the center star are released as each center dancer and the adjacent outside dancer Arm Turn one-half (180 degrees). Those now in the middle Star three-quarters (walking forward), while the new outsides move forward one-quarter around the perimeter of the circle to join hands with the same person again in a Thar Star formation. If started from a Right & Left Grand Circle, everyone turns by the right halfway (180 degrees) with the person they are facing, then completes the call as above (new centers Star left three-quarters, etc.)


Starting formation - Lines of four, with centers facing in, and the ends of each line facing the same (in or out) direction.

The end dancers move forward around the outside, passing right shoulders with three moving end dancers, and turn one-quarter in (90 degrees) to stand beside the third person passed, facing the center of the set as a couple. Simultaneously, the center four dancers Pass Thru, turn their backs to their momentary partners, Partner Trade with their new partners, and Pass Thru.


Starting formation - Parallel Lines of Four, Inverted Line(s), Two Faced Line(s), 3 & 1 Line(s).

Each dancer turns individually to face the center of the line and walks forward passing right shoulders with oncoming dancers. Lead dancers pass by two dancers and end facing out. Trailing dancers pass by one dancer and step to a right-hand Ocean Wave in the center of the set. Ends in a 3/4 Tag formation. If the call is done from any single line of four, it ends with a mini-wave between two out-facing dancers.

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