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Great Plain Squares is changing locations for the next square dance season of 2014-2015. Our current home at the Carter Church is going to have major renovations. Check this spot often for updates.

Here are the locations as of August 2014.

Wednesday night dancing will be at the First Baptist Church. The address is 858 Great Plain Avenue, Needham MA.

Halloween Dance on Saturday November 1, 2014 will be at the Masonic Hall. The address is 1101 Highland Ave, Needham MA.

Saturday night dances will be at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist. The address is 23 Dedham Avenue, Needham MA.

Try Square Dancing For Fun and Exercise!

Save gasoline and burn energy. Learn to square dance at your local square dance club. It is a great way to have a fantastic evening out while getting exercise. Great Plain Squares of Needham, MA will teach you all about square dancing. Our classes assume no prior knowledge of dancing. Square dancing is a fun way to learn to dance.

On September 10, 2014 we will have a fun night to introduce you to square dancing. Join us at 7:00 p.m. as we welcome you to our world of square dancing. The first class is free and successive classes are $7.00 per person. We dance every Wednesday night at the First Baptist Church 858 Great Plain Avenue in Needham MA. Contact Noreen King at for more information.

Here is a flyer of our dance. Click here for the PDF version.

Read the FAQ here. See you at the square dance!

Halloween is coming. The Great Plain Squares is ready. We have invited ghost and goblins. Witches and warlocks. All sorts of creatures and dancers of the night are destined to visit our club on November 1, 2014. Join in the festivities. Wear a costume for the evening. Dance to Matt Auger and Bernie Porter as we have some fun and happiness showing off our attire at the Masonic Hall 1101 HIghland Avenue in Needham MA. Click here for a flyer. Halloween Flyer

Read the FAQ here. See you at the square dance!

Great Plain Squares extends a warm welcome to Mainstream and Plus level Square Dancers. We dance from September thru May at our regular Wednesday dances from 8:15 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (with rounds). The last tip is Mainstream Fast Track. Come join us!

Club Caller: Bob Butler
Club Cuers: Phil Gatchell  and Scott Cohen

Wednesday night dancing is at;

First Baptist Church
858 Great Plain Avenue
Needham MA

See our Monthly dance schedule for specific information. 

What are you doing on Wednesdays from September thru May?

Why not come down and visit our club and have a fun time! We feature round dancing and square dancing. We have the benefit of Bob Butler's great calling. We also enjoy Phil Gatchell and Scott Cohen. These are our round dance cuers.

Mail: PO Box 920642
Needham, MA 02492-0008
Phone: 781-801-0725

Join us Wednesdays in the fall!

GPS extends a warm welcome to all club dancers to stop by and join the fun!

This is a picture of our graduating class of 2012 doing Gemini dancing!

Having fun at the Dance!

To learn more about classes or our club contact us by email:

For the Class Handbook you can view it here. For the Class Schedule you can view it here.

Reading Library

Everyone loves an award. The past president of Great Plain Squares received an award in 2010. It was the "Local Legend Award" This is an award given to prominent dancers that add so much to our activity. Between his active role in square dancing and his promotion of square dancing, He is a perfect candidate and he is very honored to receive this award. Here is a link to his award given by the Square Dance foundation of New England. (SDFNE). Click here.

The Great Plain Squares is in the news again! Our local paper, covered the New Years Needham event on December 31, 2010. They featured two photos of GPS dancers. Click here and check out picture #1 and #7.

Needham Times, did a full page article on our club in September 2009 from the viewpoint of a High School Student. To see the article about the Great Plain Squares Click Here 

Square dancing is good for you. Read an article on WebMD that talks about the healthy benefits of square dancing. WebMD article about square dance click here.

The Wall Street Journal is into Square Dancing. Here is an article that was in the December 16, 2009 issue. It talks about the image of square dancing and attracting younger dancers. Click Wall Street Journal for the article.

Have you ever seen Tractor Square Dancing? NO! Well click here for the video. Or, to see a good example of Mainstream dancing check out this Youtube video.