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FAQ about the Great Plain Squares Dance Class



Where is the weekly Dance?

We dance almost every week from September thru May at the Carter Methodist Church, 800 Highland Avenue, Needham Massachusetts. This location is Exit 35C off the highway (Rte. 95/128).

What is the starting date?

September and January we start with a free beginner night from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

How long is the class for?

After the first week, class continues from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. The duration of the class is 14 weeks.

What do I learn in those fourteen weeks?

The program of square dance calls during those fourteen weeks, and you will be dancing right away with each week building on the previous week's dancing. You will learn that square dancing energizes the body and the mind and that your daily cares drop away while you are at the dance. You will learn that square dancers are very friendly and will be delighted to teach you what they know.

Where do I park?

You can park in back of the church or on surrounding streets. Enter the door off the parking lot and walk down the stairs to the main hall for the dance.

Do I need a partner?

While having a partner is nice, it is not required. Singles are welcome and we have many singles - both men and women - in the group. Children over age ten are welcome when dancing with a parent.

Do I have to wear those fancy skirts?

After you have danced for awhile, you may decide to wear fancy skirts or shirts, but you are not required to. Many women look for long, colorful skirts that are sold in ordinary stores. Some of the class wears jeans or whatever they are using for business clothes that day. Sneakers are o.k., although the rubber tends to stick while turning and leather soles are recommended.

What is the price for class?

For the class we have a money-saving, time-saving subscription in blocks of 14 weeks. The price is $100 per person for 14 nights. This is a savings of over $1:00 per night that the members pay per evening. Admission is $8:00 per night. This includes a live caller, music all evening, lessons, a few snacks (depending on who feels like cooking or baking), water and a cozy environment with bathrooms nearby.

Who tends to be good at square dancing?

There are many people who have never danced at all in their lives and now they are good square dancers. People who have taken other dance forms fit in easily. People who like thinking of geometric shapes and patterns seem to like this activity. Families often come with the whole family as a way of family bonding, and the children take to it very quickly. We dance for ourselves; we do not compete, but occasionally we do show off our dancing to the community in order to get more beginning dancers.

Suppose I can't come on the first day?

We will also accept beginners on the following Wednesday. After that,  call Paul at 781-801-0725. He has over 30 years of square dance experience and knows all the answers! Or you can call Noreen the class coordinator at 781-326-0868 or send her an email

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